Thursday, July 01, 2004

Thursday morning

I hate stupid computer viruses that you have to fight alll the time. It's impossible to keep up with them. Every day I keep getting the same viurses over and over and God knows what they are doing to my machine.

Anyway, it's Thursday. E. is returning today. So, it should be interesting to see how that works. Of course, he's surely going to be busy with work, so I doubt that we'll talk.But still it is so weird how much I have missed talking to him and how much I am anticipating talking to him again. I even have to go out near his office today at the end of the day and I'm dressing withthethoughts that I might get to see him in mind.

It's amazing how I anticipate nothing related to workd in the way that I anticpate going online and talking to some of these peopel. I think M. is totally out of the picture, by the way. He never comes online any more. I hope he's found something else to do with his time that is more fruitful.

I had an awesome conversation with my friend NW last night. She called late, but it was good, because my husband went to bed and then I felt free to talk with her about everything. I revealed some stuff to her for the first time, and it's funny because if I think about it, she's probably the first person who taught me that it's OK to talk about about some of those things.

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