Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's an R

OK ... I know it's silly, but I liked this "R" I found as I was searching through clip art today.

I don't have many images on my site, so I thought since I'm committed to posting more regularly, I might as well add something fun.

I am proud of myself for two things today ... let me rephrase that, I am thankful to God for two things today:

1. I asked for prayers even though I didn't want them after my husband told me last night that he'd be gone out of town all next week. My addict wants to play and celebrate. But I'm thankful to be feeling my authentic self deep inside that says this is an opportunity to show yourself that you can live without giving into that damn addiction every time it starts dancing.

2. That I could be honest with a male friend and say ... "I would never hurt you, but my disease wouldn't mind a bit."

Hope all is well in your world today. I'll be going out to visit the blogosphere and see what everyone is up to, as I finish up some real life work here on this end.


vicariousrising said...

Oh, man, I love your point #2, that your disease wouldn't mind hurting your friend a bit, even if you would not. Although, I'd be tempted to use that as an excuse. Is that still my disease because I am mad at someone?

Tricky thing, I think my resentments are talking... lol.

vicariousrising said...
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Recovering Wino said...

My disease always wants to play.

Anonymous said...

Glad I found your blog-consider yourself bookmarked! :)