Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I came back home yesterday after a short holiday weekend trip with my husband. We spent the entire weekend in the majesty of natural beauty ... and it was fantastic. I did a lot of walking, animal watching, and a bit of people watching. Together we enjoyed much of our time ... other times we fought. I hate fighting, but I'm beginning to get a clearer picture that it is going to continue if I don't continue to work on me.

Last night there was a fight when we got home ... I was very hurt by his cruel and loud words ... but I went to the other room and stayed there. It was my only way of protecting myself. This morning I got up and resolved the 'issue" that started the fight and expressed my hurt and anger at his behavior, without a tear shed. Progress. I'm glad.

One of my faithful readers asked about how "the job thing" is going ... Past job stuff is just sitting there, but I have a committment to applying for at least five jobs this week.

Carry on my friends. Thanks for reading.


Me, Myself and I said...

10 points for you for not crying! I hate when I cannot express myself other way else than crying :( people say it is because you are soft and a silly person but, in my opinion, it is because you aren't able to say what you want in the best way...


thejunkyswife said...

Progress is hard to recognize, sometimes, when we're caught in the mire of recovery. I'm in a pretty similar moment in my relationship, so I can relate to your frustration...it's baby steps, and it sounds like you're on the right track! Good luck to you, and I'll be back to read more.