Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Daily Prayer

Spirit of life, come unto me

Allow me to freefall and float into your deep and warm embrace, sure that I am loved and not alone.

Thank you, Lord, for the hour, the minute, and the day. May I walk it all fully aware of your presence, doing my part as I go.

Just for today, may I know my path and follow it.

May I see both my successes and shortcomings as gifts from you.

Help me to find balance and gratitude, bestowing upon me my portion and causing me to be satisfied.

Release me, if you will, from my fears and compulsions.

Put in my life the people and situations I need.

If I may serve you, oh Universe divine, please show me the way and give me the courage.

Give me the willingness today to accept life as it comes, knowing your will is wiser than mine.

I find in you what I cannot find in me.

You, and all you are, is in me and I am whole.

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