Monday, May 19, 2008


A huge scoop of gratitude to all of you who responded with such acceptance and loving kindness to my last post. I felt so uplifted and encouraged by your words.

I have been away the past few days attending a seminar and filling my heart and mind with goodness. Of course, the goodness is sometimes triggering ... but I'm really finding a new sense of willingness surrounding examining my feelings.

I hope to write more write more soon about some of the growth I experienced at this seminar.

For now, I just want you all to know what an incredible part of my support system you are ... and I wouldn't know you if you hit me on the street.


BizyLizy said...

Sweet Rae,

I'm so happy the tide has brought you back. It's time to rest for a while and bask in glow of your own light.

Looking forward to hearing about this seminar...

Hugs back!

Michael, a sublime disaster saved by grace said...

Well, you're an encouragement to us. Your honesty is refreshing and inspiring. Glad you're back.

Mary Ann said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a gracious comment. I'm going to come back soon and browse from the beginning.

I hope you have a lovely sunny day. Love yourself. Be good to you.