Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The loss of the soul

The reading below from today's entry in the Answers in the Heart meditation book, reminds me of this line from Step 1 of the SLAA Text:
"This loss of one's soul could only be all the more poignant if the body in which it lived continued to exist, unanimated spiritually from within, and monstrously driven by imperious instinctual drives which would now have become its masters."

July 15 - Answers in the Heart

"The spiritual life springs forth in the pastures of the heart, in its free spaces, as soon as these two mysterious beings -- God and man -- meet there" - Paul Evdokimov

Sex addiction is a spiritual disease. Living as a practicing addict strips us of our spirituality. We lose our connection with reality, giving more and more of ourselves to try to fill the emptiness within. Unfortunately, we often don't discover that the addiction cannot deliver what it promised until we've paid the high price of spiritual atrophy.

We once made compulsive sexual behavior our Higher Power, but it is only our real Higher Power who can remove our obsessesive attitudes and behaviors and make us sane. Seeking this Higher Power means changing directions completely. Step Two helps us find hope, without which none of us can live. We come to this step as people emerging from a long, life-threatening journey through a wasteland. It is then, as beings of spirit as well as of flesh, that we start another journey to a Higher Power of light, joy and unconditional love.


Step Two is a process, and I get all the time I need.


BPD Guy said...

the spiritual light at the end of the tunnel ....

sometimes the tunnel seems really long :)

MargauxMeade said...

I'm reading this great book right now that The Junky's Wife recommended. It's called "Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality and Spirituality" by Rob Bell. The author writes from a Christian perspective, which I originally thought would turn me off, but I'm actually really loving it--he writes with a lot of humor and compassion. Everything you wrote about in this post made me think of that book. I know that all addictions are a fruitless search for spirituality, but I think sex addiction/co-sex addiction is especially.