Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Past and present

E. decided he would continue his efforts to weasle his way back into my life today by forwarding the e-mail he sent two weeks ago along with a note saying he had been checking his e-mail daily to see if I had responded to him. What an asshole.

I was traveling over the past week in the region where E. lives and where I spent my most active acting out days. While the trip was overall a very positive visit with friends, I have to admit that I felt more deeply than I have in a long time a sense of loss for all the time and energy that was lost to my disease.

I am thankful today to be sober, to have made a meeting tonight, and that it's bedtime and I can push the delete button and forget E. for one more day.


Misery Marketing said...


My name is Ken and I'm a sex addict. said...

I thought it was interesting that I had also been recently contacted by my last acting out partner... which I posted about recently. Although it doesn't sound like our relationship was the same, I delved much deeper into my issues with her than any other time in my addiction. I was very messed up when I came out of the demented relationship I had with her.

I know the feelings you felt when you saw that email in your inbox.

I'm glad to hear that you dealt with those feelings in a positive way... thank you for sharing it.