Sunday, February 10, 2008

In my thoughts today ...

Today my thoughts are with:

Jen at The Comfy Place -- who asks her readers to reflect on what they would do if they only had 12 months to live. She asks because that's how much time the doctors have told her she has left before the cancer that has moved into her body takes her life. I found Jen through Bella at Beyond the Map, who wrote a very moving answer to Jen's question.


The Junky's Wife, whose blog I have read for some time now and whose recovery and honesty inspires me. She's married to a heroin addict, and this past week she had to ask him to leave. She loves him. It's a hard struggle.


Vicarious Rising who is scrambling to put together some writing after being nominated for a scholarship for a summer writing program!


Sawyer at Sawyer's Walk, a sex addict who on Friday night completed his Ninth Step with his wife, expressing his apologies and then handing over $1,300 made from selling the hand-painted models he had spent two years and hundreds of hours creating. He said he wanted to pay back some of the money that he had spent on his addiction and show her how serious he was about making amends. "I wanted it to be a starting point," he wrote. This is so inspiring to me, as I face my own issue with getting honest about the money I have spent in my addiction.


LostBoy60645 at Living Sobriety who has the courage to tell his story of addiction and recovery and whose meaningful revisit of his first step was very touching to me. He writes:
But unfortunately for me and all other addicts, I've come to realize that our disease is a progressive one, and no matter how far down the road we are in our journey, the gutter is still right next to us.

and thus ...

I send my thoughts, prayers and love today to the addict who still suffers, especially as we approach this week of Valentine's Day, which is so very difficult for those in and out of recovery who suffer from obsessive compulsions and addiction to love.


Last but not least, to my friend EC -- Thank you so much for being there for me over this past year as I've worked through some heavy-duty stuff. I look forward to finding your writing in print soon.


Kellee said...

Beautiful. Thank you especially for touching on V-Day & how hard that is for those of us with love addiction issues.

I'll be spending the actual day & the weekend alone since my kids will be with their father. It will be ok though...all part of being ok with being with myself. I survived New Year's Eve & the Super Bowl alone. I'll survive this too.

Hugs & love, Rae!

vicariousrising said...

You're awesome. Thank you for the kind mention.

Our addictions are still always right by us no matter what successes we achieve. It's a nasty truth about who we are. But being aware of the problem and addressing it is what makes us different. Not everyone can face the ugly reality and acknowledge it. It takes courage. You have that.

Happy Valentine's Day to you.

thejunkyswife said...

Thank you for thinking of me.