Saturday, February 05, 2005

Prayers on the roller coaster

It's amazing the difference in attitude, when after a good night's rest, I wake up and say a prayer, even a short one -- expressing thanks and asking for blessings and "thy will" for the day -- before getting out of bed.

Just in the few minutes that it took for me to go to the bathroom, read a meditation on financial responsibility and walk out the door to see my husband sleeping peacefully on the bed -- I was blessed with the mental reminder that the fundamentals of any relationship, especially a marriage, are love, honor, and respect. I have the opportunity to share those attributes with my spouse today -- I am not alone, I am not struggling to rebuild my marriage while fighting against his knowledge of the times I showed nothing close to love, honor and respect for him or me, I am blessed.

What a roller coaster we live on, my friends. Thank you for being there in ups and the downs. I am blessed to have you as well.

In thanks and honor to each of you who are struggling, but thankfully are living,

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Gus Paul said...

I've noticed your posts have started to refer to religion a lot more. Is your involvement in this a recent development? I can't really comment on how that kind of thing can be squared with your addiction as I was brought up an atheist and (whether it's because of atheism or not) I can't seem to square anything with any kind of defined morality.