Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life on Life's Terms

Speaking of being interviewed ... I had a job interview today. It went well and I didn't obsess over it like I did the last interview. This was for a job that I think I can easily handle. Am I more qualified than the requirements? Could I make more money? Yes ... but as I've said before, I just don't want to set myself up for failure. My life, my focus has changed, my ability to "lead" has changed ... even my desire to lead.

I'm at a point where my recovery, my healing ... those are the things that are important.

I am also at a point where I want to go back to school possibly and also to focus on my writing. Over the past week or so at least three people said ... "You need to write." I gave a friend the advice to write two pages a day, no matter what it was about, and I think I have to do the same. What comes of it, will come of it. I just have to keep the discipline. This is something that can fill my time rather than focusing on how I'm going to escape with food and sex and codependency. I can escape into my writing. At least I can be insane that way ... like all the other good writers.

I just have to note here ... I am shocked beyond belief that I went to PA and didn't act out and didn't break my food plan. I am shocked and filled with gratitude. This recovery stuff is working for me. They always said it would.

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